I’m Still Here?

October 28, 2011

Maybe it’s the change of seasons, maybe it’s that I’ve been up all night with a sick pooch, or maybe it’s just the stress of closing my business, but I am absolutely exhausted, and really look the part.  I glanced in the mirror on my way out the door this morning and couldn’t tell (or remember) if I had put on makeup, so I ran my finger across my cheek just to be sure (I had, but who could tell?).  This is clearly the latest stage in my slow steady decline.  Soon I’ll be breathing into the mirror in the mornings to see if I’m still alive.  I’ve spent most of my life wishing I were one of those thin girls with the speedy metabolisms who could finish off a pound cake and actually lose weight, or one of those bubbly girls with naturally curly hair who always looked like they just stepped out of a beauty parlor, or a tall girl with an athletic physique who could wear sleeveless tops without fear of flapping flesh.  But now what I really wish is to be one of those annoying “morning” girls I’ve always scorned but secretly envied, who can pop out of bed with a smile and loads of zippity in their doo dah, dashing off for a brisk hike before breakfast.  Instead I am a night owl in search of a late night snack and perhaps just one more episode of The West Wing on DVD before retiring; greeting the dawn like the Bride of Dracula without sunglasses.  Or maybe it’s not that bad; perhaps I’m just a bit tired is all.  I hope you have a bright, beautiful day!


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