Dollars to Donuts

March 15, 2012

I am blessed with both a loyal readership and understanding editor at the newspaper for which I write, but from time to time I have artistic differences with the paper around issues of spelling and grammar.  As my readers know, I tend to invent words or write endlessly long sentences, confident that  my highly intelligent readers will follow wherever I take them.  And while I’m trying to develop a thick skin around this, once in a while my hackles are raised by grammatical changes that perhaps improve compliance with AP standards, but that seriously undermine the funny.  Take this week’s column, which is titled Dollars to Donuts, or as the proofreaders have changed it: Dollars to Doughnuts.  I realize that I am a bit batty, but isn’t Donuts just a funnier word than Doughnuts? The prior week, they changed a discussion of my “journalistic bona fides” to my “credentials.”  Isn’t credentials a sharp, unfunny word?  Anyhoo, my kindhearted editor restored my original of that column (Semi-Pro) online, and I’ve decided — particularly since I am turning 54 tomorrow — to demonstrate some maturity and let the whole Donut thing lie.  But when you read today’s column in the Star, please change Doughnuts to Donuts in your mind.


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