Fashionably Late

May 10, 2012

Every once in a while I inadvertently write something that actually has relevance for my readers.  I never quite know what’s going to resonate.  Last year I wrote a column called New in Town about newcomers feeling shut out of our little town by old timers claiming prior title to the place.  I was greeted by masses of locals who felt the same way — some came in tears expressing their frustration and loneliness, and one slightly confused but sweet man brought me a loaf of bread and asked me to help him buy a pair of sneakers.

Today’s column: “Fashionably Late” seems to be eliciting a similarly strong reaction.  I am receiving messages, by phone and email, from women unable to dress themselves in the morning due to the unfortunate inclusion in their boudoir of a full-length mirror.  Some even confess to turning around and looking at themselves from behind prior to leaving the house — something I find ill-advised and likely to lead to a shut-in existence in which one’s sole human contact consists of paying the pizza delivery man.

So please check out today’s column, which deals with crawling motorists and creeping middle-aged spread, and how they conspire to make me late for my next appointment.  If you like it, won’t you come back here after reading and leave a comment or a “like”?   That way I’ll know what’s resonating.


2 Responses to “Fashionably Late”

  1. Pat Dell Says:

    I loved it. There was a lot to identify with in what you said. Pat Dell

  2. Laura Rafaty Says:

    Thanks Pat! It’s great to hear from you.

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