June 7, 2012

I’ve been doing a regular guest shot on KVON radio in Napa, but was recently preempted by ESPN basketball.  And this week, my regular column was preempted by the newspaper’s  need to print the smiling, terrified faces of the local graduating class of 2012.

This business of suddenly disappearing from the zeitgeist is worrisome.  People stop me on the street, as if a relative died, asking in hushed sympathetic tones whether my column has been axed by my editor.  It seems like a  longstanding newspaper columnist is let go on a weekly basis, so such fears are understandable.  Still, knowing that my columns are there at the paper, like airplanes circling O’Hare Airport awaiting clearance to land, maintains me in a semi-comfortable limbo.  This is what I imagine it must feel like after childbirth, when the pain and messy afterbirth are memories, and the infant lies incubating somewhere so the exhausted mother can enjoy a brief, rejuvenating nap, prior to bringing the infant home and raising it until it can graduate from high school and disrupt my publication schedule.

But I’m not one to be ignored, so I wrote a little semi-serious feature article on the Marketplace at Auction Napa Valley, which appears in today’s Star newspaper.  In it I describe being bitch-slapped by Thomas Keller, tidied up by Cindy Pawlcyn, and confused by Masaharu Morimoto.  Think of it as a little palate cleanser.  My regular column will be back next week, unless preempted by something much more important.

Today’s Star article is called Munching at Friday’s Marketplace.


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