“Closing is the brave thing to do.”

October 20, 2011

So said Jean Stapleton in the film “You’ve Got Mail,” which was inexplicably playing back to back, all night last night on the eve of my closing my retail store, Pennaluna.  Watching this movie on the night before the going out of business sale is the retail equivalent of cutting.  “You’re venturing out in the world, armed with nothing,” she continues in the scene.  I don’t know how well-armed I am, but I’ll be well-barricaded behind the two dozen used Christmas trees we dragged over from storage for our sale, not to mention the fifty candle testers to keep me warm at night, forty-two stuffed animals to keep me company, four pounds of Dylan’s Candy Bar gumballs in case I get hungry, one giant cardboard house from Holland I can use as a shelter, and an enormous iron horse I can ride off into the sunset.  I am set for my journey into the new world!


One Response to ““Closing is the brave thing to do.””

  1. Judy Boyle Says:

    I’m sure this is a good thing and can feed all kinds of other projects. You hit the perfect tone of humor and despair. Judy

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